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Linekers consider new addition

Danielle Lineker has revealed she and Match Of The Day host husband Gary are thinking of expanding their family.

Danielle already has a 12-year-old daughter, Ella, from a previous relationship and she's stepmother to 53-year-old Gary's sons from his first marriage, George, 22, Harry, 19, Tobias, 17, and Angus, 15.

The Welsh model and actress said: "A baby definitely isn't off the agenda. But initially we thought, 'Can you imagine trying to deal with two families coming together and then throwing another child into the mix?'

"We needed to make sure all of our children were OK before we even thought about that. Now things are just starting to happen for me in my career so I'd like a couple more years before we consider adding to our family.

"But it's tricky because I'm 35 in June, and though I know women do have babies at a much older age, I'd want to be young enough to have the energy to be as hands-on with a new child as I am with my daughter. So I'm conscious that time is ticking for both of us, even though Gary doesn't recognise that - he doesn't ever consider age on any grounds!"

Danielle admitted it wasn't easy to blend their two families at first, but she drew on her own childhood experience of growing up in a stepfamily in Cardiff

"I'm not going to lie - merging the family into one was difficult in the early days," she said.

"It helped us a bit that I had a personal insight into the kind of thoughts that go through kids' minds in that step-family situation. At first, we were a bunch of strangers with differing personalities and everyone had to work out what their role was in the family. It's taken time but things are great now."

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