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Listen: BBC radio station uses Moors murderer Ian Brady as light-hearted music quiz answer

The BBC described the use of Moors Murderer Ian Brady as an answer to a light-hearted current affairs music quiz on one of its radio stations as "unacceptable" and has apologised.

On the Sunday breakfast programme on BBC Radio Leeds host Nathan Turvey posed a question to his listeners.

He asked them to identify the person that had been in the news in the past week from a selection of songs.

The presenter then played excerpts from All the Young Dudes by Mott The Hoople, the theme tune to the Brady Bunch, Suffer Little Children by the Smiths and Psycho Killer by Talking Heads.

"They were four songs all linked to someone in the news this week, all you've got to do is work out who it is," he said before asking his audience to ring in with their suggestions.

Later he added: "I think most of you worked out the answer was Ian Brady, which is someone we’re talking about this morning, of course, who died earlier in the week."

Following outrage on social media, the BBC said: "This was clearly unacceptable and we apologise."

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