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Little: The Cafe is a team effort

Ralf Little has revealed he and his The Cafe co-star Michelle Terry join in to help Craig Cash with the directing.

Ralf and Michelle co-write the sitcom for Sky1 and his Royle Family co-star Craig is the official director, but he insists they consult on every aspect of the show.

Ralf said: "Craig directed the last one but Michelle and I were very much a part of it, Craig insisted really that we were part of everything. Part of the direction, every shot, every take he made sure we okayed it, every costume design.

"It's the closest I've ever come to making something from scratch, concept, writing, we even sort of edited it. It's a strange process.

"So Craig is going to direct but it will be very much the three of us making it again."

He joked: "It's a lot of work by the way. It's much easier to just swan in and say the lines and go home again. It's really hard work."

Ralf revealed he and Michelle have been busy writing the new series and they want to make sure it's even better than the first.

He said: "We're doing eight episodes for the second series so we've got considerably more to write in considerably less time. So no pressure!"


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