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Liz Hurley, 50, open to dating much younger men

Liz Hurley, 50, has said she would be open to the idea of dating a much younger man.

The actress's past lovers include film star Hugh Grant, cricketer Shane Warne, and Indian businessman Arun Nayar.

She told The Mail on Sunday's You magazine: "Up to about a year ago, I was a serial dater. In fact, since I was 17 I have always been with someone."

She added: "You can't date me and expect me to have the same past as a 24-year-old. Most people I meet also have ex-girlfriends, ex-wives and children. You have to accept that or start dating men in their 20s, which is absurd."

But despite first branding the idea "absurd", Hurley did not rule out taking a leaf out of Dame Joan Collins's book.

She said: "Though, I tell you, Joan Collins is married to a fabulous man 32 years younger than her. In which case, I can date an 18-year-old ... - anything goes!"

Hurley currently co-stars in television drama The Royals with Dame Joan, 82, who married her fifth husband, Percy Gibson, in 2002.

The actress also discussed her friendship with Dame Joan's sister Jackie Collins, who passed away last summer following a secret battle with breast cancer.

Hurley said: "I last saw Jackie at a lovely party that Joan threw when she became a Dame last spring. Nobody knew Jackie was ill. It is so sad.

"But she looked fantastic. There were sequins and there was hair and make-up and there was leopard print. She looked the same as ever."

She added: "Some people want to keep it private. Jackie was obviously one of those people ... From a selfish point of view, had I known Jackie was ill at Joan's party I would have spoken to her differently.

"And I think that is exactly what she didn't want."


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