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Lohan in blood and fangs for shoot

Lindsay Lohan has posed dripping in blood and brandishing a knife for a controversial new photo shoot.

The troubled actress was also snapped in vampire fangs and lying scantily clad on a bed in images by US celebrity photographer Tyler Shields.

In the most graphic shot, Lindsay is pictured wearing a lacy black bra with blood on her mouth and splattered on the walls around her, while in the grainy vampire photo the Mean Girls star's mouth is open to reveal sharply pointed fangs.

Tyler - who has also photographed Elle Macpherson, Twilight's Ashley Greene and the Vampire Diaries cast - has worked with Lindsay on around 60 shoots.

The previously unseen pictures will be shown at London's Imitate Modern gallery from October 13 to 20 as part of an exhibition with artist Maximilian Wiedemann.

Last month, Lindsay was pictured graffiti-ing a wall in Los Angeles for a new music video for rock band Miggs.


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