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Lohan mocks herself in Glee cameo

Lindsay Lohan sent up her bad girl reputation as she threw a diva-like strop in the latest episode of Glee.

The troubled star - who is making a comeback after her career became upstaged by legal and personal problems in the past few years - appeared sitting on the judging panel of the National Show Choir Competitions alongside gossip blogger Perez Hilton and Entourage star Rex Lee in an episode of the hit TV show, which has already aired in the US.

Lindsay was introduced on the show as "America's sweetheart", and sat reading a computer tablet before turning to Perez and saying, "Oh my god, seriously? Did you just blog about me during that last appearance?"

Rex defended Lindsay to Perez, describing her as a "twelve-time Teen Choice Award nominee", to which Lindsay quipped, "That's right. I was robbed for Freaky Friday."

When judging the glee clubs, Lindsay said she "liked" the McKinley High New Directions and in reference to her own career said: "Is there anything better than somebody making a comeback?"

She went on to throw a diva strop, saying "What, this thing isn't even televised? I'm in full image re-branding mode here, people.

"I show up here and there isn't even a red button I can push and a chair that can spin me around where I can then point at a kid onstage and say, 'I want to work with you?' I'm seriously firing my manager."

It was rumoured while Li-Lo was filming her cameo on the show that she had been late for filming and caused problems on set.

But she tweeted: "Glee was fun to do! It made me want to live in a world of musicals where people always just burst out into song & dance!"


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