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Lohan surveillance footage released

Lindsay Lohan spent roughly 25 minutes wearing a necklace inside a jewellery store that accused her of theft, surveillance video shows.

The US TV show Entertainment Tonight aired several snippets of footage shot by four cameras inside Kamofie & Co, a Venice, California, jewellery store near Lohan's home.

The footage shows the actress trying on three necklaces before putting on the one reported stolen roughly 20 minutes after entering the store.

The surveillance video is part of evidence prosecutors plan to use against Lohan, who has pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft.

She is scheduled to return to court on Thursday to tell a judge whether she intends to take a plea deal that includes guaranteed jail time.

She could also opt to fight the case, which would then proceed to a preliminary hearing that could end with Lohan being ordered to stand trial and being sent back to jail.

The actress was on probation for a 2007 drunken driving case when police began investigating her for the necklace theft, and a judge has said he thinks she has violated her probation.

Video footage aired on Tuesday shows Lohan, 24, chatting with a clerk while trying on several necklaces, all but one of which she quickly removed, according to the show.

She placed one of her own necklaces over the store's necklace and continued to browse in the store, the video shows. The entertainment news show plans to air a third day of footage, showing Lohan leaving the store.

Entertainment Tonight heavily promoted the video and said that it was its most popular story so far this year, with more than one million page views on its website.


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