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Loose panellists in calendar girls-style tribute to Women's Institute

Loose Women's Anita Dobson and Andrea McLean are celebrating the Women's Institute's 100th birthday by recreating their own version of the famous Calendar Girls photos.

The two panellists have stripped off to mark the centenary of the WI.

McLean is a regular fixture on the show, but Dobson joins as a guest panellist.

In a set of photos released, the pair are posing with pastries covering up their fronts in one photo.

In the second photo they are holding Loose Women branded mugs in front of their chests.

The original Calendar Girls idea inspired a hit 2003 movie, which starred the likes of Helen Mirren, Julie Walters, Linda Bassett and other big names.

Directed by Nigel Cole, it was based on the true story of a group of women from Yorkshire who posed nude for a calendar to raise money in aid of cancer.

It was also adapted for the stage and in 2008 opened as part of the Chichester Theatre Festival, and later moved to the West End.

The theatre production starred EastEnders' June Brown (Dot Cotton) and Dobson, who played one of the lead characters, Chris.

Talking about doing the shoot, McLean said: " I tell you what, they didn't need considerably bigger buns when it came to me. A couple of Jammie Dodgers and it would have been fine!"

"It was great fun though and Anita and I, we'd never worked together before and it was a case of 'hello' and (strips off) but it was great, all good!"

Appearing on the show to talk about it, Dobson said: "We are bosom buddies now!"

"We have bonded on a very deep and meaningful level. It was really quite scary!"


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