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Lopez: I didn't get maid fired

Jennifer Lopez has denied accusations that she got a hotel maid fired because she asked for her autograph.

The singer and former American Idol judge, 43, called the reports "hurtful".

A German maid reportedly accused J-Lo of getting her sacked after she knocked on the star's hotel room door in Dusseldorf to ask for an autograph - and was turned away by assistants.

But the On The Floor singer wrote on Twitter: "C'mon thought you knew me better than this... Would never get anyone fired over an autograph.

"First I heard of this was on Twitter. #hurtful."

The actress, who played a hotel maid in 2002 movie Maid In Manhatten, later turned her attention to politics.

"@BarackObama We are in good hands!!", she said. "A President for all Americans!!"


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