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Lopez turns to self-help books

Jennifer Lopez has admitted she turns to self-help books and the Bible for guidance.

The singer appeared on US talk show The Wendy Williams Show, and according to E! spilled her secrets on dealing with life's big questions.

She said: "I'm a big soul searcher and I read a lot of, like, self-help books, you know what I mean. I am always kind of searching for answers. I'll randomly just open a Bible looking for answers and guidance."

Asked whether she was currently single, J Lo, who recently broke up with backing dancer Casper Smart but was seen at the Billboard Music Awards with him a month ago, said: " Yes, I've been single for a couple of months."

On what she looks for in a potential boyfriend, she revealed: "I don't look at the outside so much. I'm not an outside-cover person, I am more of, like, an essence of person."

Wendy told her guest she could see her with her World Cup song We Are One (Ole Ola) collaborator Pitbull, to which J Lo replied: "He is like a brother to me. He is Mr Worldwide, he got no time for me. He's [got] a lot going on."


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