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Lott slammed for fancy dress outfit

Pixie Lott has apparently angered fans after dressing up as a Native American for her birthday party.

The Kiss The Stars singer triggered a backlash when she shared a picture on Instagram of herself in a feathered headdress, as she celebrated turning 24 at a cowboys and Indians themed bash in London at the weekend.

She revealed in the caption that she was dressed as Tiger Lily from Peter Pan, saying: "Tigerlily is out to play tonight for final BDAY celebrations with @joemowles. Thanks to@emmabrizzie #MAC #cowboys #indians."

Another image showed Pixie on a couch, shooting a toy gun.

The snaps sparked claims Pixie had been insensitive and ignorant in her choice of costume, with one follower writing: "You should have called this an ignorance and native appropriations party."

Another said: "Treating genocide as your bday theme? come on."

"It's not fun, it's disrespectful. The end. White people raped and murdered natives. It's not FUN to have a party based on the genocide of millions of people," said one social media user.

However, some fans defended the former Strictly contestant.

One wrote: "A girl dresses up at Pocahontas for Halloween... It's just Halloween. A girl dresses up as a different Indian... It's just a party. No harm is meant by it, let's not make a big deal out of something just because people take it way out of context."

Another fan insisted Pixie hadn't meant to offend people by picking the outfit for her party.

They wrote: "I mean look at the photo. Look at the caption. Is there anything disrespectful there? No! So get over it and grow up. She's not offending anyone."


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