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Louie: I do worry about my looks

Louie Spence has admitted he's insecure about his looks.

Despite his usual uniform of navel-grazing slinky tops and figure-hugging trousers, the flamboyant entertainer, who was propelled to fame by the Pineapple Dance Studios reality TV show, revealed he often felt uncomfortable with his body.

"I am the most self-conscious person you will ever meet but as a dancer you're made to feel self-conscious," he said.

"When you first start going to auditions the first thing they'll say to you as a boy is, 'Right, take your top off'. You could be the best dancer but if you're not physically right, 'No we don't want you'. So, as for insecurities about my physicality, about the way I look, that's always been there."

Louis, who stars in Sky1 HD show Louie Spence's Showbusiness, dreams of buying his own home.

"People think that because they see you on TV, you've got millions and that isn't the case. It's coming and I have an amazing agent who is making that happen but it's not there yet," he continued.

"As soon as I can I'll buy a house and when that happens I'll think, 'My life has changed. I own this. This is my front door. I don't have to worry about turning my washing machine on'."

He added: "I've lived in a housing association flat for 16 years and when you live in community housing, love, you can't have your washing machine on later than 9pm. Honestly, you can't. You'll get complaints."

:: Louie Spence's Showbusiness is on Wednesday nights on Sky1 HD.


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