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Louis Tomlinson: 'It's easier going solo than being in a band'

Louis Tomlinson has vowed to be as honest as possible on his debut solo album.

Louis Tomlinson finds it "easier" being a solo artist than a member of One Direction, because it means he's "in control of my destiny".

The 25-year-old singer launched his solo career earlier this year (17), while he and his bandmates enjoy a hiatus from the chart-topping group. His latest offering, Back To You, sees him collaborate with Bebe Rexha, and while he's thrilled to have teamed up with the singer on the tune, he is enjoying the opportunity to go out on his own.

"It's easier, it's easier because from a writing perspective or even a marketing perspective or anything like that," Louis said during an interview with Jim Hill for 4Music's Trending Live. "We'd all have to be on the same page which takes a bit of working out before we get there. So it's nice to be kind of in control of my destiny completely and there's more pressure obviously but again it makes me feel like I can be open."

Talking about working with Bebe on the track, Louis added that he'd been able to deliver more through the song due to the American singer's involvement.

"The track went another place when we got Bebe on the single because it definitely lead to a collaboration and the emotion is really driven between the two of us. It really was a perfect match," he smiled.

Louis is now gearing up to release his debut solo album. And when it comes to what fans can expect from the record, the father-of-one promises all the tunes will be based on reality.

"It's for me important across my lyrics very matter of fact, very honest, vulnerable cause actually I don't think there's enough of that in pop," he mused. "Everybody writes about these fairy tale scenarios when in reality I think life's pretty interesting."

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