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Love Island fans delight at Amber Davies' stunned reactions after she's snubbed

Amber Davies shot Tyla Carr a withering glare after Simon Searles picked her to couple up with.

Amber Davies' stunned reaction to being snubbed by Love Island housemate Simon Searles has caused hilarity among Love Island's fans.

The brunette was one of the first contestants along with her partner Kem Cetinay to get intimate on the ITV2 show.

On Tuesday night's episode, Simon, who is coupled up with Montana Brown, told the 20-year-old he would "rip her clothes off" and admitted he didn't really fancy his partner.

Amber, who has a reputation for being a meddler, was seen giggling and hiding her face in the duvet at the news, before she herself admitted she "100 per cent" thought Simon was going to choose her in the last re-coupling - when she was still with Kem.

After the cosy chat she wasted no time in finding Montana to tell her Simon didn't fancy her. But her joy didn't last long.

Simon didn't pick her, as she expected, in the recoupling, preferring to go with Tyla Carr, who he described as "funny, bubbly and easy to get along with".

Amber looked visibly shocked at being overlooked before shooting the model a withering glare and pursing her lips.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to joke about the incident, noting Amber's facial expressions.

"#Amber thinking she was going to be chosen by #Simon her b**chy face was a picture when he went for #Tyla," tweeted one fan. While another laughed: "Amber thought Simon would pick her looooool her face #loveisland".

The scene was made all the worse as Amber had uncoupled from Kem, but was now left alone without a partner as Simon opted to pick model Tyla

"loooool the look on Amber's face when she realised she's dumped Kem but Simon still isn't interested #LoveIsland," laughed another fan.

Simon's re-coupling speech spoke about the girl he was going to couple up with in glowing terms. And this clearly filled Amber with false hope.

"I wanna couple up with this girl because she's funny, she's bubbly, she's easy to get along with, she's stunning - at the end of the day, this is Love Island and I think it's only fair to couple up with somebody that you feel like you could have a romantic relationship with.

"So the girl I wanna couple up with is... Tyla,” he said.

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