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Lovejoy: MasterChef didn't teach me

Tim Lovejoy has confessed he learned absolutely nothing from competing in Celebrity MasterChef.

The TV presenter took part in the cooking competition in 2011, which was won by former rugby player Phil Vickery, and admitted he felt out of his depth when he saw what the other celebs were doing in the kitchen.

Tim revealed: "I didn't learn anything from that, but I did enjoy it. I didn't find it as stressful as the other celebrities did. I turned up for my semi-final, when I got knocked out, and they had gone to a lot more effort than me.

"They'd raised their game dramatically. I was basically going just for taste and flavour, and they were going for the technical side as well - some of them were hand-making pasta! It was amazing, and I was very impressed. They gave us an hour and 45 minutes to prepare something and I'd finished in 45 minutes. I had to stand there, pretending to chop things."

But the 45-year-old father-of-three, who lives with netball player Tamsin Greenway and their young daughter, still does most of the cooking in his house.

He revealed: "I cook more than Tamsin does. She spends her life training, she plays netball for a living, so she hasn't spent much time in the kitchen. In fact, I'd say she's spent no time in the kitchen. But I'm used to cooking because I've got Grace and Rose, my twins, and I cook meals for them. So yeah, I know my way around."

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