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Lucy Hale: 'I haven't stopped drinking alcohol'

The Pretty Little Liars star insists talk of her going tee-total is a misunderstanding.

Actress Lucy Hale has set the record straight about her real-life drinking habits.

The Pretty Little Liars star was recently profiled for in an article published last week (end05May17), which suggests she has decided to quit drinking alcohol.

But Lucy insists this conclusion is an inaccurate misinterpretation of what she actually said.

"Yeah, I would love to call up that interviewer and be like, 'Wait a second, did that come out of my mouth?'" she tells in a new interview, published on Tuesday (09May17). "We were talking about growing up, leaving things behind, and learning from mistakes."

Lucy, who turns 28 next month (Jun17), still consumes alcohol, but just not as much as she did in the past.

"No, I'm not a big drinker at all," she explains. "It (the conversation) was more (about) what I thought that interview was going to be about - loving yourself and learning to do good things to your mind and body. I am just a happier person when I tend to make better decisions.

"I saw the headline and I was like, 'WHAT?' First of all, it's nobody's business (if I drink alcohol or not). But I tend to talk a lot and people will take things from me and run with it, and now I know that. I am 28 years old now, I've grown up a lot, and that's (drinking alcohol) not a part of my life that much now."

Instead of socialising at bars with her friends in Los Angeles, Lucy now prefers to hang out without alcohol.

"My version of that is like, 'Let's go grab a coffee, let's go on a hike'," she shares. "I'm so L.A. It's (going to bars) a big social aspect of so many people's lives and I totally get that. In the interview, we were talking about being young and growing up in L.A., and she (reporter) kind of misunderstood me."

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