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Lucy Liu confesses love dilemma

Lucy Liu has revealed she is confused when it comes to relationships.

The 43-year-old Charlie's Angels star opened up to Easy Living magazine about her love life, and said she is learning slowly.

Lucy confessed: "I don't know what I want in a relationship. I am learning what I don't want. It's like a slow process of elimination."

The Ally McBeal star was previously engaged to director Zach Helm, but they never married, or had children. She is currently rumoured to be dating Noam Gottesman, an art collector, and one of the richest men in America.

While she has no children of her own, Lucy is a big supporter of adoption, saying: "I think adoption is wonderful."

Meanwhile, the Kill Bill beauty has recently revealed her artistic side, hosting an exhibition in London after releasing a few items of work under the pseudonym Yu Ling.

Lucy explained her reason for going public, saying: "People are always making judgments about what I'm wearing or who I'm with, so why not allow them to see something that's a real part of me."

Lucy is now staring in the American Sherlock Holmes adaptation Elementary, in which she plays Dr Joan Watson, alongside Jonny Lee-Miller's drug rehabilitated Sherlock.


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