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Lukas: I'm framing my winning sock

Got To Dance winner Lukas McFarlane has revealed his plans to frame the sock he wore in the final of the TV dance show.

The Canadian contemporary dancer - who won the competition on Sky1 HD and its £250,000 prize - confessed he only wore one sock when he auditioned because the floor was too slippery to wear both, but now feels a duty to keep the signature look after his devoted fans named themselves "One-sockers" on Twitter.

Lukas explained: "It's purely practical, nothing gimmicky. In my audition I trialled the floor and I needed to turn on the left foot and I needed to take off on my right foot for jumps. And it was too slippery for two socks and I couldn't turn with no socks, so I just wore one, and then they made this huge deal of it and now it's trending on Twitter!

"Now I feel like I have to wear one to keep my fans happy, but it's purely practical for me.

"I'm definitely saving the one sock I won in though. It's getting framed somewhere!"

He added: "The fact that I have fans at all is strange, amazing but strange. They're called the One-sockers, and they're amazing and have so much support for me. It's so cool, because I've only been me the whole time and people are embracing ME! It's so cool."

Lukas, 19, was delighted his family flew in from Canada to watch the final.

He said: "It meant the world. I can't tell you what a difference it made having them there in the front row.

"This is as much a success on their part as it is mine, because they're the reason I'm here. They're the reason for everything. So it was so important for me that they got to share that moment and I'm just happy they came over and it wasn't worth nothing!"

:: The Got To Dance live final is repeated on Sky1 HD at 6.30pm on Wednesday March 20.


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