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Lulu: I was insecure about my looks


Lulu used to suffer from acne

Lulu used to suffer from acne

Lulu used to suffer from acne

Lulu has recalled how she used to be plagued with insecurity about her looks.

The glamorous 60s singer said she suffered from acne as a result of eating fast food while on the road.

"I had acne," she said. "I was consumed by the fact I had spots. It was really tortuous, thank God I had music or I probably would have killed myself. It was terrible. There'd be big pictures of me, and when I saw To Sir With Love I went out crying thinking, 'I'm so ugly'. I was always hanging out with rock stars and their model girlfriends, who were all blonde and leggy and I was a midget. That part was not fun."

Lulu blamed the lack of healthy food available to her while on the road at the time.

The singer said: "What I would eat was quite disgusting. I used to travel in a van with five guys and we would eat curries on the run, at any time, just before we'd go on stage or just after. We'd eat Mars bars, chocolate, then on the way back into town it would be bacon and eggs in the middle of the night, and crisps and Cokes."

She confessed: "The truth of the matter was I had to put up with a lot. They were always farting and they'd light their farts. It was disgusting, and they'd be screaming with laughter."

:: Lulu is fronting Rewind The Sixties, which begins on BBC One on Monday, November 15 and is on every weekday morning for one week.