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Lynch: Pregnancy changes Glee's Sue

Jane Lynch has confessed she's enjoying getting in touch with a softer side of her Glee character Sue Sylvester.

The malevolent cheerleading coach announced her pregnancy earlier in the third season of the hit show, and Jane said Sue is already seeming like a changed woman.

"I've always said she's either going to be your worst enemy or your best advocate, and she's becoming an advocate, and a fearless one, for the Glee Club," she explained.

"It's allowing Sue to grow, and it's interesting to me as an actor to play that part of her, I'm loving that."

Speaking at a Glee screening in Los Angeles, the actress also admitted she has the perfect man in mind to play the father of Sue's baby.

"Sue keeps referring to him as the 'celebrity father of my unborn child', she laughed.

"I'm thinking Antonio Banderas, someone like that - we'll find out!"


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