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Lynn Bowles: Totty from Splotty nickname was entirely innocent

The BBC Radio 2 morning show regular said her nickname would not be as appropriate in today’s environment.

Broadcaster Lynn Bowles has said she never took offence at being called “totty from Splotty” on the radio, but that it would be different today.

Bowles, 55, was given the nickname by the late Sir Terry Wogan when they worked together on his BBC Radio 2 morning show, as an affectionate nod to Splott in Cardiff, near where she was born.

She told Radio Times magazine: “It was just how we were on that show. It was entirely innocent.

It was dearly meant and they treated me like a younger sister Lynn Bowles

“I took it in good part because I was very young in comparison to the fellows on there.

“It was dearly meant and they treated me like a younger sister.”

She said nowadays the nickname “would have a different connotation”, adding: “But then it was just silliness.”

Earlier this month, Bowles announced live on Ken Bruce’s Radio 2 show that, after 18 years, she is leaving her role as traffic reporter.

She said: “Having done very early mornings for so long, I’m just a bit tired. And I’m fully aware that lots of people do really early mornings… I get that because I’m there on air with them.

“But one does not have an infinite life. I want to do other things.”

:: The Radio Times is out on Tuesday.

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