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MacIntyre: I'm a softie at home

Donal MacIntyre may appear to be able to stand up to anything on TV, but he has admitted he can't control his kids.

The 45-year-old investigative reporter is father to daughters Tiger, four and Allegra, nine. The investigative journalist can cope with war zones, infiltrate criminal gangs and sex slave traffickers, endure death threats, kidnapping attempts and assaults, but he is a soft touch when it comes to his children.

Donal revealed: "Kids! Now they're a real force to be reckoned with.

"They're so upfront about what they want and sometimes the noise levels in our house can be a bit punishing. I have a feeling Tiger and Allegra have sussed out that Dad's a bit of a softie."

The Dancing On Ice runner-up and wife Ameera, 35, are having the third child they've long yearned for in November.

Donal revealed: "It's a boy and we're even more thrilled because it's a bit of a miracle. We'd tried unsuccessfully for more than two years for a baby and were on the brink of attempting IVF when we found she was expecting.

"I feel so lucky for everything I have. I've been fortunate to have the career I do, and very lucky to have survived the more dangerous scenarios. I've been beaten up and paid a high price physically but I have my health and that's the most precious thing - aside from my family.

"Being a dad is amazing and I appreciate those joys of fatherhood with a little more poignancy perhaps than those who had their fathers around all the time in their childhoods."


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