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Mackintosh: Chelsea should go Gaga

Millie Mackintosh has revealed she'd love Lady Gaga to make a cameo on Made In Chelsea.

The glamorous socialite - who is dating rapper Professor Green - reckons the Bad Romance singer would make a great addition to the cast of the E4 show.

When asked who her dream co-star would be, she replied: "Lady Gaga probably. To be honest she probably wouldn't look too out of place!

"And Will and Kate for sure, I'd love to invite them to a garden party."

Millie, who is helping launch the 2012 Nature Valley games, is happy to pose in her bikini on Twitter and on Made In Chelsea, but she admitted there are times when she lacks confidence.

"I definitely have days - everyone has those days - I have weeks when I feel horrible, but if I'm not getting enough sleep and stuff I definitely don't feel in my best shape so the key to good shape for me is enough rest," she said.

"My mum and my dad are both naturally a healthy, slim build, and they instilled in me from a young age the importance of eating well and having a healthy lifestyle and being out and about."

The model and make-up artist said of getting recognised: "You have little coping mechanisms. I'll call my mum and be like, 'Can you just talk to me, I'm standing at the train platform and there are some girls screaming and I don't know what to do!'

"Or I just put my headphones in and walk with my head down in sunglasses and a hat. In general, I love meeting fans out and about - it's always nice to meet people who enjoy the show so much."

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