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Mackintosh defends bikini selfie

Millie Mackintosh has defended herself and her husband Professor Green after a picture she shared of herself in a bikini angered eating disorder campaigners.

The former Made In Chelsea star posted a snap online which showed her looking super-sllim in a bikini, and her rapper hubby dubbed the picture "thinspiration".

Reports said it got on the wrong side of people working against eating disorders, but Millie has now insisted that she is all about having a healthy, strong body and that Pro's joke was taken the wrong way.

Speaking during a phone interview on Loose Women, she said: "He was clearly taking the mickey out of me for posting the picture of myself nearly naked. I'm obviously not his thinspiration."

After her husband commented, Millie had replied: "Fitspiration!"

And she said on Loose Women that she believes she looks fit in the selfie.

"I am surprised that it's been taken out of context. I think I look healthy in the picture," she said.

" I know that I look slim but I think you can see I've got muscle definition. I think if I was putting pictures up of my ribs sticking out and bones showing like I looked unhealthily thin, then I'd say of course I was being irresponsible."

The 24-year-old added: "I think anyone that looked at that picture would not say I was anorexic or looked anorexic."


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