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Madeley: I don't miss This Morning

Richard Madeley has said he is relieved he and wife Judy Finnigan don't present their own daily TV show any more because it "sucks everything out of your life".

The couple found fame hosting ITV daytime show This Morning from 1988 until 2001 and then presenting daily chat show Richard And Judy from 2001 until 2009 on Channel 4 and Watch.

Richard said: "We had a wonderful time, it was like always being at a party, but it sucks everything out of your life.

"I'm proud of what Judy and I did. We weren't just a flash in the pan, we became part of television culture, but I don't yearn for it any more.

"I was in my old dressing room when I was being interviewed on This Morning the other day. You'd think there might be some nostalgia or longing, but there was none at all. It was nice to be there but frankly I was glad I didn't do it any more."

But he added: "I felt closer to the audience of This Morning than I did on any other programme. We opened up a lot and trusted them, and in return they trusted us."

The couple got their big break on the show, but Richard claims they landed the job by sheer luck.

He said: "They wanted someone with serious muscle to present it, but they picked us because we were cheap."


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