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Madonna: I love mushy peas

Madonna has admitted to a love of British comfort foods like sticky toffee pudding and mushy peas.

After living in England for years, the superstar reveals she has developed a penchant for English delicacies.

"I like bangers and mash, and mushy peas. Sticky toffee pudding with the sauce, obviously, is my weakness - no custard," she told the Daily Mail.

"I like Bubble and Squeak, not often because it's fried, but I love it," she added.

But you won't catch the singer-turned-director, whose film WE is doing the rounds at the film festivals including Venice, Toronto and London, cooking up a storm.

"It's not in my DNA. My kids all cook really good. I could cook if you put a gun to my head, but after a long day at the office I want to come home and find my dinner on the table," she continued.

Madonna - who boasts she can cook eggs, pasta and Rice Krispie treats - added: "I'm not that hopeless - it's just that cooking requires time. Sometimes my daughter Lourdes likes to cook my food."

The 53-year-old watches what she eats and steers clear of certain foods.

"I don't eat as much pizza as everybody else, that's number one. I try to stay away from fried foods... I also try to stay away from cheese, creamy sauces and I try to eat a lot of fish and vegetables," she revealed.


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