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Maestro made Craig even 'tougher'


Craig Revel Horwood has been crowned winner of Maestro

Craig Revel Horwood has been crowned winner of Maestro

Craig Revel Horwood has been crowned winner of Maestro

Strictly judge Craig Revel Horwood says his experience winning celebrity conducting competition Maestro could make him even "tougher" on the contestants in the ballroom show.

The star, who beat mathematician Marcus du Sautoy in the finale of the BBC Two show, said he had "no concept" of how difficult it was going to be to pick up the baton.

He said: "Oh my God it was horrendously difficult. I thought it was going to be virtually impossible to become a conductor in such a short space of time."

The dancer and choreographer had about two months to learn his trade for the show, Maestro at the Opera, and said his day job was no help.

He said: "I thought because of my dance background it was going to be easy but I was so wrong, because as a dancer you dance on the beat, you are trained your entire life to always being on the beat, but as a conductor you have to think ahead of the beat and hear the music in your head."

The Australian-born star triumphed after he and Marcus performed with the Royal Opera House Orchestra and then let the musicians vote for the winner.

Craig said the experience made him sick with nerves and gave him a little insight into what Strictly contestants go through.

He added: "I know a lot of celebrities go on these shows and say 'It's changed my life' like on Strictly Come Dancing and I never quite understood it, but now I certainly understand why, it's something new you can invest in.

"It might make me tougher on Strictly. What it will do is make me empathise a little bit with them but my opinion is my opinion and nothing is going to change that".