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Magician makes Twitter flirt vanish

Paul Daniels has warned "flirty tweeters... forget it" after the veteran magician exchanged messages on the website with a 28-year-old "lesbian nude model".

The 73-year-old conjurer, who married Debbie McGee in 1988, asked his Twitter followers if he should be "proud" of the fact the woman was following him.

Writing on Twitter, he said: "Should I be proud of it? She is about 28 and a lesbian nude model so maybe not... I have had a lot of laughs and funny tweets but she...

"...but she must have taken them far more seriously than me. I thought summat was up weeks ago and politely 'lost' her... Silly me!"

Paul, who said he did not have "enough energy or spare time" to have an affair, appeared on the BBC One show Strictly Come Dancing last year but was the second contestant to be voted off.

He also appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap with Debbie and describes himself on Twitter as an "international sex symbol and bodybuilder".


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