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Makosi and Nadia get the BB boot

Makosi and Nadia have been booted out of the Big Brother house in a double eviction.

The pair became the second and third contestants to leave the house in the Ultimate Big Brother series after losing out in the public vote.

"Nasty" Nick, Chantelle, Nikki and Ulrika, who were also up for eviction this week, remained inside.

Makosi said afterwards she felt "blessed" to have participated in the show.

Makosi, who received 41.7 per cent of the votes cast, described the atmosphere in the house as "really tense". She told Davina McCall: "It looks easy but it's not."

Wiping away tears, Nadia, who received 33.2 per cent of the vote, said: "It's been the toughest week ever in my life."

Both contestants spent 11 days in the house during the current series. And both had plenty to say about their fellow housemates.

Makosi said Ulrika Jonsson "can offend you". She said: "I think Ulrika was probably really confident and she wasn't afraid to show 'I don't like what you've just said'."

She denied fancying Preston but called him a "beautiful guy", adding that he would be like a younger brother to her if she was white.

Nadia also expressed mixed feelings about Ulrika. She said: "Ulrika is a strong female and I didn't feel I could really be around her. I just didn't want to."


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