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Makosi reunited with Anthony in BB

Ultimate Big Brother housemate Makosi's worst fears were realised when Big Brother 6 winner Anthony surprised her with a romantic picnic.

On Wednesday she was in tears, fearing her part of this week's Retrospective shopping task, recreating significant moments from past Big Brothers, would mean she would be forced to recreate her infamous drunken romp with Anthony in the Jacuzzi during the 2005 series.

But as they cracked open a bottle of champagne on the lawn, watched by all the Ultimate Big Brother housemates through the garden windows, Makosi laughed: "We must have a swim, shall we? But I don't have my bikini."

Anthony joked: "You didn't have a bikini the last time, Makosi."

The Zimbabwean nurse had been called out into the garden by Big Brother to find a picnic and rug on the lawn, and giggled "Woohoo."

But when Big Brother announced: "Will Makosi's lunch date please join her", she looked worried, and, when Anthony emerged carrying flowers and chocolates, she buried her head, crying: "Oh my God! Oh my God!"

The pair were soon getting on and reminiscing about their first time in the Big Brother house as they sipped champagne. They discussed their Jacuzzi romp and how Makosi had told Big Brother she thought she was pregnant, while Anthony denied they had had sex.

Anthony said: "I was going to take a lie detector test. Everyone thinks we did."

Makosi said: "We didn't have sex. I am glad we cleared the air now. I hope my mum is watching this."


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