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Malone hopes choir crowd stand out

Gareth Malone has said he hopes that his choir will be able to stand out from the crowd at the Royal Variety Performance.

The TV choirmaster was leading his new singing group Voices at the show and said he was aiming to please the Royal family with their performance on the ITV show.

He said: "I've actually performed for Prince Charles and Camilla before, with the Military Wives. I like to think that they were moved but it's hard to tell, it was a long shot.

"I would hope they would like it. They must sit through so many events, they do this all the time. They are always performed to so to do something that sticks out in their minds, you've really got to go some.

"In this, we're alongside some of the country's best talent so I would hope that they just notice us, frankly."

Gareth's new beard has been the subject of some speculation on Twitter recently, but he said he didn't know what the fuss was about.

He said: "There's been a lot of beard talk on Twitter... what do you do? This is the colour that my hair is. When we had a baby earlier this year I grew a beard, frankly because I was so tired the last thing on my mind was shaving and I just thought, 'I'll keep it.'"

Gareth said if other famous beard growers, such as Jeremy Paxman, could get away with it he thought he could, too: "If Paxman can do it, why can't I? Half of One Direction have got beards, no one complains about them - well, maybe they do, I'm not complaining.

"Men grow beards, get used to it."

The Royal Variety Performance takes place on November 25 at the London Palladium and will air on ITV in December.


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