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Manford: I'm better as ex-husband

Jason Manford has said he feels like a better father since he split from his wife Catherine.

The comedian's marriage broke down last May and he told the Daily Mirror that his three daughters stay with him for some of the week.

He said: "[Catherine and I] are good friends, we are fine. It works because she can get on with her work in the ... days she gets off and I do the same.

"It's been an interesting time since I was a single dad. You don't realise how much work your missus was putting in until you do it yourself. I was like, 'This is dead hard this'. I appreciated it."

Jason admitted: "I'm certainly a better ex-husband than I was a husband. I spent so many months putting work first, thinking I was planning for the future but forgetting about the right now.

"It was actually only once I became a single dad I realised just how much work went into this child-rearing business."

He added: "I always thought I was working around the kids but I don't think I was. Now I am. So if half-term comes up or summer holidays I won't do anything for work. I didn't miss the big things - I saw their first steps and first words. But I think my priorities have changed now."

Jason left his job co-presenting The One Show in 2010 after admitting he had been "flirting" with other women online, which contributed to his marriage breakdown.

He is now back at the BBC for spin-off show A Question Of Sport: Super Saturday.

He said of his return to the broadcaster: "It doesn't feel like unfinished business. I don't really work like that. The stage I have got to now, I think it is just a testament to being nice.

"If you are nice, then people will support you. Every so often nice people do stupid things. It doesn't mean they do that all the time."


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