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Manford slams PM over NHS claims

Comedian Jason Manford has accused David Cameron of using "sneaky tactics" to cover up failings in the "underfunded" and "overstretched" NHS.

The stand-up comic claimed the Prime Minister had failed the NHS after being left waiting for two hours at Trafford General Hospital, Greater Manchester, for an appointment.

The TV comedian's girlfriend is reportedly expecting a baby and, after tweeting a photo of a sign directing patients to the ante-natal desk, he launched a furious rebuke of the Government's NHS policies.

The star accused the Prime Minister of "flaming propaganda" that the NHS is run by incompetent and lazy staff, claiming that they are doing the best they can with the funds given to them by the Government.

In a series of tweets directed at Mr Cameron, he said: "Oy David Cameron I've been sat in this underfunded, overstretched NHS hospital for over two hours.

"Your sneaky tactics make it seem as if it's being badly run by incompetent and lazy staff but the facts are these talented people are doing the best they can with funds you allow them all the while you flame the propaganda that the NHS is failing.

"It's not them that are failing, it's you David Cameron."

Manford's criticisms were retweeted hundreds of times by followers and in messages sent after his outburst, he insisted he was a "staunch defender" of the NHS, but said he thought its management and administration were "s**te".


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