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Marc Anthony to carry on acting

Marc Anthony has said working with Jada Pinkett Smith has encouraged him to keep acting.

The singer, who is married to Jennifer Lopez, is due to hit US TV screens with an appearance on Jada's show Hawthorne.

Though he's in the middle of a tour for his Spanish album Iconos, Marc said he "absolutely" wants to keep on acting, adding that working with Jada made him realise how fulfilling it is for him.

"I feel more capable than ever," he said.

Marc said his character falls for Jada's Christina, a hard-working chief nurse in a hospital.

"Sparks fly. I think he has a crush on Christina and ... you're gonna have to watch it!" he revealed.

Marc plays Detective Nick Renata, a New York City cop who is investigating a kidnapping in Richmond, where Hawthorne is based.

"I realised right there that Christina needed a man," he said, laughing.

Marc previously starred with his wife in the 2006 film El Cantante, in which he portrayed legendary salsa singer Hector Lavoe.


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