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Margot Robbie: ‘I want a career like Will Smith’s’

Margot Robbie learnt that it's all right to be vulnerable through suffering heartbreak when she was younger.

Margot Robbie cites Will Smith’s enduring career as one she would like to emulate.

The Australian actress is one of Hollywood’s rising stars, making a name for herself in 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street and landing the coveted part of Jane in new adventure flick The Legend of Tarzan. Though she has worked with some of the industry’s biggest names in recent years, Margot finds the rapper-turned-actor and his varied career as particularly aspirational.

Having starred together in 2015’s romance drama Focus as well as the upcoming DC Comics’ superhero film Suicide Squad, Margot also admires Will’s integrity and respectful nature.

“Will is quite literally one of my favourite people in the world, so I was thrilled to work with him again,” she told Britain’s Heat magazine. “He’s just a really good guy. He always looks out for you and everyone else. We all really look up to him in a way, because he’s had this amazing career.”

As her body of work has tended to focus on the dynamics of human relationships, the 26-year-old shares that she taps into her own personal experiences when dreaming up her characters. For instance, in her role as femme fatale Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, who enters into a passionate yet destructive relationship with Jared Leto’s Joker, Margot wanted to simultaneously show her strong and more vulnerable sides, something she’s learned through her own romantic experiences.

“Over the years, you experience enough situations and your share of heartbreak that you tend to build up defensive walls,” she shared. “That happens to most people. The trick is to be able to learn from your previous relationships and become stronger, so that you can allow yourself to be more open and vulnerable again.”

Suicide Squad opens in theatres on 5 August (16).

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