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Mariah out of bling sling 'soon'

Nick Cannon has revealed Mariah Carey's shoulder is recovering well and she could be out of the "bling slings" soon.

Mariah's husband Nick told Entertainment Tonight she was a lot better and had started to get some movement back in her hand since her recent accident.

He said: "My wife is doing a lot, lot better. The physical therapy is definitely working. At [the recent premiere of Lee Daniels' The Butler], she still couldn't really move her right hand, but now she's got a little bit of the functionality of her hand back.

"She's still got the blinged-out slings, but hopefully she won't need those pretty soon!"

The #beautiful singer dislocated her shoulder while filming her new music video and has been seen wearing a range of blinged up slings while her shoulder heals.


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