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Mark Thomas: A comic who leaves you thinking

Comedian Mark Thomas came to Belfast last night to discuss his attempt to walk the Israeli-constructed wall around the Palestinian West Bank.

The Empire Music Hall stage was adorned with a map of the Israel-Palestine border and the merchandise stall was doing a roaring trade in Thomas's People's Manifesto and slogan-adorned T-shirts. A Michael McIntyre gig it wasn't.

Belfast's Guardianistas were out in force to hear Thomas speak with energy and eloquence about his hare-brained trek.

He rambled — pun intended — about the geography, the offbeat characters he encountered and his numerous terrifying run-ins with the authorities.

At 47, the radical funnyman had lost none of his quickfire wit as he rattled out the anecdotes about Israeli anarchists, activist clowns and a visit to a dilapidated Palestinian zoo.

Elsewhere, Thomas marvelled at the simplicity of orthodox Jews' dress sense and threw in a couple of allegories on Northern Ireland.

Thomas's show was a stirring counterpoint to the more vanilla stand-up fare comedy fans are accustomed to these days.

Funny, but food for thought.


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