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Mark Williams: I'm not a comedian

Mark Williams has revealed he doesn't like being remembered for The Fast Show because people forget he is an actor.

The British actor - also well known for playing Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter films - starred in hit Nineties sketch show The Fast Show with Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse, famous for its starry cameos and catchphrases such as "Suits you, sir".

Mark said: "It's a double-edged sword for me, because people for a while seemed to assume I was a comedian, which I've never been.

"I've never done stand-up, I came via small-scale touring theatre, through the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre, then I got employed on that as an actor who had a humorous sensibility.

"And I've kind of been railroaded by some collective ego there, so I'm not great to talk about it to be perfectly honest."

He added: "And I'm also getting really bored of being 'Mark Williams - The Fast Show, Harry Potter!'

"I've done about 15 big films... in America they don't... I'm a British film character actor there. Here, it's a bit weird really. People don't differentiate.

"It's like being a bass player and people calling you a drummer all the time. After a while, it's like, 'Oh shut up!'."

Mark begins 2013 starring in two new BBC shows - as the butler in period comedy Blandings and in the title role for detective series Father Brown.

:: Blandings begins on BBC One on Sunday, January 13 and Father Brown begins on BBC One on Monday, January 14.

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