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Mark Wright reveals drag dread

Mark Wright has admitted he hated having to dress up in drag for his new TV show, but he'd do whatever it takes to make sure a party was a success.

The former The Only Way Is Essex (Towie) star and professional party planner travelled the globe for new ITV2 show Party Wright Around The World, and was given five days to throw a party for the different people he visits.

Mark explained: "I did a party in Miami and I was living with Latinos from the gay community and they wanted me to throw a party for them with a carnival theme.

"And then I work out they like drag and I had to dress in drag. I didn't want to but I realised it was going to make her party.

"I didn't shave. They wanted me to shave, I said 'I'm not shaving my legs.' I was really annoyed that I had to do it, but once I realised it would mean so much to her I did it."

And while the show might sound like one big party, 27-year-old Mark insists it wasn't easy.

"It was hard because I had five days to work out what these people were about and organise the party. And it was worse for me because I was doing it in a place I'd never seen before, when I didn't know anyone. So it was hard and intense, I was really thrown in at the deep end.

"It wasn't just about the party, it was about me immersing myself into people's worlds and experiencing different cultures. It wasn't as fun as people thought.

"However it was the best experience and I saw things I would never have seen otherwise and made memories to tell my grandkids."

The reality TV star threw parties in New York, Canada and even a posh country house in Somerset. But he revealed the strangest place he visited was backwater Karratha in North West Australia.

Mark revealed: "They live in a mining town in the middle of the desert - you fly three hours from Perth and suddenly there's this town plonked in the middle of the desert.

"There's hardly any people there, there's no nightclubs, they don't even know what a proper bar is, and it was really weird. So that was the biggest culture shock."

:: Party Wright Around The World begins on Wednesday February 26 at 9pm on ITV2.


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