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Martin Freeman's 'thunderbolt' love

Amanda Abbingdon has revealed she felt a "thunderbolt" the first time she saw partner Martin Freeman.

The Married Single Other star met Martin - famous for playing lovelorn Tim in The Office - on the set of Channel 4 film Men Only in 2000 - and it was love at first sight.

Amanda said: "I was sitting in the make-up bus thinking, 'I really need a boyfriend' and said to the make-up artist, 'I want a nice boy, I feel like I haven't met anyone for ages'.

"She said this guy had just been moaning about not having a girlfriend and she'd introduce us.

"He got on the bus and there was a thunderbolt. I looked at him and thought, 'You're nice' and apparently he thought the same. He asked me out on a date and two months later I moved in with him. It was sort of serendipitous and we've been together ever since."

The pair juggle acting with being parents to their two young children, Joe and Grace. Martin is currently commuting to New Zealand for work to star in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit.

Amanda revealed: "When Martin's working, I generally try not to work, so I'm not doing anything for the rest of the year so he can finish up in New Zealand.

"But when he goes back out in February, I'll have to rely on mum and dad. It's fine because my children are quite cool with that. They've learnt from a young age that both their parents are actors. They're little travelling nomads really and go wherever mum and dad go."

Amanda stars in children's drama Postcode which continues on CBBC this week.


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