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Mary Berry: 'I have never ordered a takeaway pizza'

Mary Berry also shocked viewers of Mary Berry Everyday when she tucked into her pizza with a knife and fork.

Mary Berry shocked viewers of her TV show on Tuesday night (14Mar17) when she admitted that she has never ordered a takeaway pizza.

Home delivery of the Italian treats is common in the U.K., but one person who has never indulged in a Dominos or Pizza Hut offering is Mary.

The 81-year-old TV legend was demonstrating her favourite pizza recipe on new BBC show Mary Berry Everyday when she told the camera: "I have never had a home delivery of a pizza."

While it was something of a throwaway comment, viewers were quick to pick up on Mary's confession, and took to social media to express their shock.

"Mary Berry has just been knocked off the pedestal I had her on," one wrote. "She hasn’t ever had a takeaway pizza."

Another added: "Over on BBC2, Mary Berry has never had a pizza delivery! Sort her out @Dominos_UK."

It's not the first time Mary has shocked fans by admitting she never orders her food in. Speaking to James Martin on his show Christmas With Friends last November (16), Mary said: "You won't believe this, but I haven't ever had a takeaway."

She also said she would never eat Christmas dinner at a restaurant, adding: "I totally understand other people who eat out, but I have no wish to."

Despite Mary's pizza admission, the Pizza Pilgrims, who own the artisan fast food restaurant, were on hand to make Mary a classic margherita pizza, with the former judge of The Great British Bake Off commenting: "That is the best pizza I've ever had".

It was then up to Mary to put her own twist on the pizza, which she did by adding goat's cheese and parma ham to her recipe.

Viewers were left stunned once again when Mary tucked in to the doughy delight with a fork, instead of using her hands as many people do when eating pizza.

"Why on earth is Mary berry eating pizza with a fork #maryberryeveryday," one wrote, while another added, "Just when you thought Mary Berry couldn't get any posher, she shows up eating a pizza with a knife and fork on BBC2."

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