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Mary Berry: Jackman's 'delicious'

Mary Berry has revealed that she has a crush on movie star Hugh Jackman - and that she wants to launch her own fashion line.

The Great British Bake Off judge, 79, who became something of a fashion icon when a jacket she wore on the show sold out in hours, said that she hated some trendy women's clothing - such as jeggings and "dreadful" micro shorts.

She told Glamour magazine: "I've been thinking about (doing my own line) and I'd like to do a range for somebody like Jaeger or MaxMara.

"I would do good, stylish cuts in durable fabrics that hem well and don't crease - that's why I never wear linen, because I like things to look pristine."

The baking queen said that she did not like seeing low-cut tops on women who are "all wrinkled down there", although she approved of a "little platform heel" and short skirts "if you have got good legs".

And she added: "I think jeggings and leggings are no good on most women, certainly not older women. Obviously women can do what they like, but I wouldn't dream of wearing them."

Mary also revealed she would love to spend a night on a desert island with 45-year-old Australian X-Men star Hugh.

"I met him on Graham Norton's show," she told the magazine. "He and John Bishop kept clambering over the seats for some reason, so all you could see were these long, lean limbs.

"They were l ike well-groomed racehorses... I'm definitely a leg woman."

Asked what she had told her husband, she told Glamour: "I just said 'Hugh was delicious'. But he gives me a free rein to do my work. I don't think he really knows what goes on."

The cookery writer said that she was upset to see so many girls who were dangerously thin.

"T his whole thinness thing is very, very worrying. I think parents ought to be warned about it at school and I'd like to see some larger models out there... I really am worried about anorexia," she told the October issue of the magazine.

"There's much more of it about. But the worst problem of all in this country is obesity. It's so important for the young to be educated about what they eat."

:: The October issue of Glamour is on sale from Monday September 8.


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