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MasterChef's Carol slams TV emphasis on good looks

By Julia Hunt

Singer Carol Decker has said rising stars like this year's Love Island contestants are under a ridiculous amount of pressure to "look like Barbie".

The 60-year-old T'Pau lead vocalist said "appearance is more criticised" now than it was when she was launching her career.

She said: "I think even young men now, you see how guys are just buffed and ripped if they're trying to be famous.

"I watched the last episode of Love Island... and the girls are just so over made-up, they've got too much make-up on, too many hair extensions.

"The pressure on them to all look like Barbie is ridiculous."

"It's handy if you're nice looking, it doesn't hurt," Decker said.

"In my youth, I wasn't too hard on the eye myself and I made the most of it, but now I just think the pressure is incredible."

Decker, who is to compete in the new series of Celebrity MasterChef, said while the music industry has changed, it is still tough for new artists.

She said: "In my day you put a band together, you did your demo tapes, you sent them off to record companies on a cassette, with a little picture your mate had taken of you, and you got in a crappy Transit van and gigged in loads and loads of horrible pubs and hoped that some A&R man would come and see you.

"And that was hard, it took me years to get a record deal."

MasterChef is a new challenge for the star and Decker said one of the tough moments was cooking for paying customers.

Celebrity MasterChef 2018 starts on BBC One on August 23.

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