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Mastermind winner's tour de Sforza

A TV quiz show veteran has been crowned the winner of this year's series of Mastermind.

Marianne Fairthorne, a quantitative analyst from London, saw off five other finalists by scoring 25 points and no passes.

Her specialist subject was the life of the 15th century Italian noblewoman Caterina Sforza.

Ms Fairthorne appeared on University Challenge in 2009 on the London School of Economics team and also appeared on Only Connect two years ago.

She said: " I never thought I was going to win Mastermind. Even during the presentation I kept expecting to hear there'd been a mistake adjudicating a question and the result was wrong - if I didn't have the trophy as evidence I still wouldn't believe it really happened. But while I'll never understand quite how I did it, I'm utterly delighted and will have a lot of fun celebrating."

Her other specialist subjects during the series include the life of Empress Livia of Rome and the Turkish archaeological site at Catalhoyuk.

She only just pipped David Greenwood to the title after he also scored 25 points but had three passes.

Quiz master John Humphrys said:" I can't remember a more closely fought Mastermind grand final. It was great to see Marianne win - if only because she'd convinced herself that she wouldn't. She kept shaking her head throughout as if she was sure she was failing miserably. And she won on passes! Let that be a lesson to those who think it's better to pass than just take a stab at it."


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