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Matt Lucas makes friends at lunch

Matt Lucas has made a new friend while out for lunch on his own.

The Little Britain comedian was dining solo but wasn't alone for long when some teenage girls nearby recognised him and he began to live tweet their encounter.

Matt started with: "I am dining alone at Wagamama and the teenage girls next to me are framing me into their selfies and they think I don't know. #ButIKnow."

He continued: "They're giggling. I might have been rumbled back... Maybe they'll talk to me... I might like that. I would talk to them but I'm too shy."

It wasn't long before the girls discovered his tweets and Matt encouraged his young fans to come over and meet him properly.

He tweeted: "They're laughing and reading my tweets but still haven't said hello. The young generation, eh?... Waiting patiently whilst laughing breaks out next to me."

He added: "I want them to be my friends but they have to say hi first because grown ups can't approach teenage girls anymore... They're not talking about me anymore. But I bet they're thinking about me."

When one of the girls, Izzy, tweeted Matt he replied to her: "You'll have to say hello in the flesh. I was born in 1974 and this is how my people do it."

Matt then told his fans following the conversation: "I'm putting my phone down and I'm not tweeting again until they say hello."

The story had a happy ending when Matt eventually updated his followers with a laughing selfie of himself and the girl outside of the restaurant, captioned: "Matt and Izzy. BFFs forever."


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