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McBride: Kenny will be disaster dad

Danny McBride has revealed Kenny Powers is going to be a "disaster" as a father in the new series of Eastbound And Down, but hopes he can do a better job himself.

The actor's wife is expecting their first child, and the last series of his HBO comedy - about a failed baseball player turned PE teacher - saw Kenny learning he was about to become a dad.

The star of Your Highness, which is out now, joked: "Kenny obviously seems like he's cut out to be a dad and so that of course is going to be a disaster."

The 34-year-old actor hasn't been able to write any of his own experiences of fatherhood into the show yet, but he's not ruling it out.

He said: "We set up that he was going to be a dad last year and I only knocked my wife up a few months ago, but if we would have thought about it we would have waited to write the season so I could at least pull from something but we'll see..."

The second series of Eastbound And Down starred Matthew McConaughey as well as Miami Vice star Don Johnson as Kenny's dad.

Danny is hoping for more big names to star in the third series.

He said: "We always like to try to bring in big actors if we can. It just gives the show a little bit more of a scope so yeah we definitely are trying to pull a few more people in this year."


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