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McCabe: Daybreak needed more time

Daybreak weather forecaster Kirsty McCabe has said she thinks people should have given the breakfast show more time to "bed in".

The presenter and environmental correspondent said of the criticism of the show so far: "I think people in the media should have given it more time.

"I know that when GMTV started it took a while to bed in, and I think these things do take a while for the public to come round and start watching it."

She added that she loves her job, despite having to wake up at 3.30 every morning.

She said: "I'm always amazed there isn't any grumpiness, because everybody has to get up at such terrible times! Usually we're quite chirpy, believe it or not. I haven't seen too many grumbles, just the usual thing about needing more sleep."

:: Kirsty will be taking part in the Goodwood Roller Marathon on Sunday, August 14.


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