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McCall amazed Jump has new celebs

Davina McCall has admitted she has no idea how The Jump has managed to find another batch of willing celebrity contestants after last year's long list of injuries.

The TV presenter hosts the Channel 4 show, which sees celebrities compete in a range of winter sports, including a terrifying ski jump, and is back for a second series in the new year.

She said: "I am so excited. I got a list of all the names today. I can't tell you because I was told I would be shot. But it's an amazing casting."

Davina added of the announcement that Mike Tindall has signed up: "One might be worried that we've already peaked but we haven't. He's just right up there with the rest of them. That is the kind of calibre we're talking about this year. And they all want to come and injure themselves. It's amazing."

Asked why she thought people had got involved despite many of last year's contestants dropping out through injury and some needing surgery, she said: "I've got no idea. I'm amazed and really happy because it is such a fun programme.

"I was looking at some of the ideas for the show and I thought, 'Well maybe they've tamed it down a bit?' But no, they haven't. There is a horrific event that will be happening live that is so scary. I looked at it today and was like, 'Oh my god, no way'."

Davina also said she hadn't been tempted by reality TV such as Celebrity Big Brother herself: "There is a side of me I keep private, about my family, so I think when you go into a reality show you have to be prepared that it is a warts and all thing - you can't not let it out. I have to keep a bit just for my family.

"My husband wouldn't let me stay in the Big Brother house because he wants to be the only person who sees me sleeping, and I think that's such a sweet thing. My children would also think, 'I want my mummy to make breakfast for me, not other people in the house that she doesn't know'."

However, she admitted she'd love to be on Strictly Come Dancing if it was less of a time commitment: "It's just so lovely, isn't it? The dancing and everything and the costumes, but again, it's the time that they've put in to get that dance amazing on the Saturday.

"It's non-stop working all week and then even at the weekends - I just wouldn't see the kids. And as a working mother I spend half of my life just feeling guilty.

"Every single job I take on, any trip abroad... I go through absolute dramas about should I take it on, should I not take it on? I know Claudia's [Winkleman] like that, and I know Jo Wiley's like that."

Davina was speaking at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Awards, where she won Ultimate Editor's Choice.


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