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McHale on Community, Enders mash-up

Joel McHale has said Albert Square could be the surprising backdrop to an episode of zany American comedy Community if he gets his way.

Joel, who plays central character Jeff Winger, joked that season five would feature a crossover episode with the British soap as Community was celebrated at TV festival Paleyfest in Los Angeles.

Speaking on the red carpet, Joel gave audiences an idea of what to expect from the next batch of episodes.

"There is a Logan's Run parody and I'm not kidding, there is molten lava, there is a GI Joe episode."

But he didn't take the preview too seriously, joking: "We do a crossover episode with EastEnders and we do that for six weeks because it's daily so it was a lot of work. It happened.

"Parks And Recreation went to London so we thought why can't we? Then we realised they wouldn't give us the money."

Co-star Gillian Jacobs said there were plenty of real plot points to look forward to: "Dynamics are shifting, we have a new character played by (Breaking Bad star) Jonathan Banks, Troy is going to unfortunately depart but we are going to have five awesome episodes before that and his send-off is going to be incredible. We are going to have an app take over the school and cause havoc and we are going to investigate mysteries."

Season five of Community begins on Sony TV on April 10.


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