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McIntyre: No more SuBos in Scotland

Michael McIntyre has said he doesn't think the winner of Britain's Got Talent will come from Scotland this year.

The comedian, who's joined Amanda Holden on the new judging panel along with David Hasselhoff, said despite being the homeland of Susan Boyle, the acts auditioning in Scotland had been so bad even the audience had got fed up.

Michael said: "You depend on who comes down to audition. I've done lots of gigs in Scotland and I love Scotland - it's been a huge part of my life working up there and I was hugely excited to be with the Scottish audience but I think we were just unfortunate that on the day the acts that auditioned weren't great."

He went on: "It was a shame, so the audience were restless because of that really.

"And they were like no other audience because they invented their own chant - they would all chant 'Cheerio Cheerio' if they didn't like an act. And that was chanted a lot that day."

The Hoff confessed: "I didn't understand a word they said. I thought they were cheering them on. I didn't have a clue. I was completely lost in Scotland... but they were nice people."

Michael conceded that while Scotland had produced the show's biggest ever star, global phenomenon Susan Boyle, there had been no good talent at this year's Glasgow auditions.

He added: "It's the law of averages. Scotland did produce Susan Boyle who is the greatest success of this competition and she came from nowhere and she blew it away when we went up to Glasgow.

"I don't think that's going to happen this year with the acts that auditioned."


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